Raindrops Keep Fallin on my Veg..

so I just did me some talkin to the sun..

and I said that I didn't like the way he got things done

sleepin on the job

those raindrops keep falling on my head

they keep falling

but there's one thing I know, those blues he sends to..
do you see that?

how can that be?
And I'm pretty sure he's wearing a coat.


Jane said...

yes i think he is wearing a coat! that book of yours is going to be something else!! amazing photos. Jane x

Melissa Marie Head said...

AMAZING photos! Wow those are unreal.

Pinecone said...

Great shots!!


Hmmmm...somebunnies not sleepin' on the job. Always a good idea to wear a coat whilst pilfering...er..I mean harvesting from the veggie patch in the rain. Somebunnies also keeping a watchful eye on you so they don't get caught furry handed with the greens......sneaky.......


AnnaVallance said...

That is my favourite song ever (I'm from Prince Rupert) and your photos are awesome!

CountryMouse said...

WOW! Spectacular droplets.

Courty Biggs said...

I love rain drops on leaves pictures. Beautiful!

kiara said...

complimenti per il blog e le foto sono strepitose. bravissima ciao kiara