I'm mentally confused.
I have giant fruit harvests daily.  
More figs and strawberries than I know what to do with.
Do you?

I feel like fall has crept in..

Like things have taken on a new look that is less than pretty.

But at least I have my girls to eat some of those things.

And we can always come inside to warm cinnamon bread.
Another sign of fall.  

On another subject that is entirely not creepy..
I had some lovely visitors from Nesting Journal come by.
They have posted a story/interview that I hope you will enjoy.
Thank you Caitlin, Owen and sweet little Luce.
This Saturday from 10am till 2pm is the last time the Shabby Shack will be open this season.
Hope you can come by.  


The Blue Farmhouse said...

I love your new heading!! The vividness of your photography just makes you feel like you can reach into the computer and physically touch it. Beautiful post and nice interview with Nesting Journal. Good luck with all that you do:)

Little Sissy said...

That cinnamon bread looks heavenly! What recipe do you use? LOVE your blog!

zaza said...

Here in Southeastern Ontario our summer has been hot and dry. Kinda looking forward to the coolness of autumn BUT that means ole man winter is creepin around the corner.
Still lots of preserving to do!

julieann said...

Heather: Sweet article and cute photo of you and the little one. Cant wait to check out what your working on. When does the book come out and where can we get it?
You seem to be having one beautiful summer for sure....