Zucchini Give Away Day...

This Saturday the 11th is yet another exciting 
Zucchini give away day!!!

We've still got lots of these too!
You can order ahead or take your chances on a Saturday.

I feel like summer is ending.
The garden is starting to fade..

..and I guess so am I.
I'm starting to get very emotional about my girl going to kindergarten.
Elated, excited, and 'what will I do with myself...'
I want to cry too.


Terra said...

Oh I remember those days, and relate to how you feel, elated, and wonderin' what you will do with yourself. Time marches on whether we are ready or not.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

The fruits of our bounty! They look amazing~Cheers Kim

AnnaVallance said...

My girls are in university now but I can still remember that first day of kindergarten when they let go of my hand. I cried because there was nothing else I could do. It's all good.

Karen Bates said...

Beautiful pictures! I remember the day my 'little girl' went off to school...she's now 36...it's a day that will stay with you forever! Enjoy!

summersundays-jw said...

Wish I were closer....just saw a wonderful new chocolate zuchinni bread recipe. Ours has stopped producing due to the heat. Guess I'll have to wait. Hope your daughter has an amazing kindergarten year. Jan

Susan Struck said...

Crying is totally allowed, even expected, when one's children start kindergarten.

Jane said...

let it flow Heather. It's good for the soul. She will thrive. Just as our kids grow into the next phase of their precious lives, we do too. Jx

country girl said...

Wow...kindergarten....that's big! So exciting!
I'm getting that feeling too...a change in the air...summer is coming to a close. (I don't mind...I love autumn best!)
These are lovely photos, and I also love your new blog banner.

caitlin black said...

so good visiting love the zucchini!

julieann said...

My garden feels that way too.
Oooo The big K. It is a tough time for sure. I remember crying when both my kids had that first day of school. Tears by the buckets. Now my daughter is going to be a Jr in HS. Seems like yesterday I put her on the bus with that big plastic name tag. Take lots of pictures.