Hello Yellow...

(yes, I'm always looking for the love in my garden)

What colour is filling your garden right now?


Carola said...

Right now is yellow too! couse banksia and graham thomas rose is blooming :)
lovely picts!



Melissa Marie Head said...

Love these pictures! I have a lot of green right now it seems - mostly tomatoes and herbs.

Karen Bates said...

Fantastic photos! I've got a half and half, yellow and burgundy.

Robin said...

My garden hasn't received much loving from me. Just a lot of brown and a little pink fill my gardens. LOL.

Yellow in the garden is so cheerful, I love your photos.

rustyduck said...

The colour of rain, whatever that is! In England that is all we are seeing at the moment..

Hello Heather, I just found your blog. Your photos are fantastic and very cheery. It's funny, yellow is a colour I'd always associated with spring, but it's just as true for autumn too.


Two Succulent Sisters said...

I'm liking these pictures. Stopping in to visit. Linda

If you have any pumpkin posts you can link up with our pumpkin party going on for a whole month.