Friday, September 28, 2012

Red & Read...

Today, I found red in the garden and something to read in the book store!

The fabulous Fifi has launched the latest issue of 
Romantic Country and we have a very cute baking story inside.

My dear friend Kim Christie came out and shot all of the photos.
She is absolutely fabulous and we had the best day producing this.

These are all shots that didn't make the final story, and it's fun to share them.

Oliver was the co-star (to my daughter) and also the thief of the day.  
The story has a yummy gingerbread cookie recipe (with fresh ginger) and even a dog biscuit recipe.
Yes, we hung them on the tree, and yes, he stole them off every time.

And lastly, I highly recommend having your picture taken through a mirror and framed by a wreath.
It does wonders for the morale!
Have a great weekend everyone.


WhiteWhispers2u said...

I saw this in my issue Darling! ~Cheers Kim

Lois said...

Your little one is adorable. How is school going? For both of you :)

Carola said...

super nice story!
have a great weekend!



Joshua said...

Thanks for me to look thoese so charming pictures. Your would be more beautiful if you wear jewelry set.

donna baker said...

Beautiful pics. My beloved Peavine used to steal the gingerbread men and women from my tree.

The Blue Farmhouse said...

What a delightful post to read...but I believe your darling lil daughter is the co-star. You blog is unbelievably beautiful!

EarthAppleJane said...

Love the sound of the gingerbread cookie recipe with REAL ginger! And dog biscuits for all! Beautiful photos:)

rustyduck said...

Lovely photo of the thief..!

country girl said...

Kiki delicately bites down gingerbread hearts from our Christmas tree every year. :)
These are so sweet and charming, and makes me very excited for the holidays!

hardydanielle said...

I just love your blog posts :) Hope you have a wonderful week ahead xo

Anne Marie said...

you look amazing, and I cannot wait to see that article!

pollydove said...

LOVE this! How awesome for you guys! This is just darling!