Inside and Out...

Fall has been anything but relaxing.  
I thought I would show you the new 'studio' being built to replace the old greenhouse.
My handy husband is using mostly salvaged finds...

I love the cedar posts.  There will be a deck there...eventually.

All the windows are from the greenhouse.  Plus an extra sky light.

We have cedar siding going on...slowly.
It's been so wet and rainy here.

The girls are impressed...but I think they believe this new shack is for them.
and, meanwhile, on the inside...

We have a fairy birthday party coming up.

I may have gone overboard, but as I have a ton of jam to make this week for orders, 
I've started to decorate already.  
This is a big bee!

But not as big as these huge tissue paper flowers I made!

I've got to glue tiny wings on these ladies...

And attached these to some twinkle lights.
Then the doorbell rang - well, we don't have a doorbell, but there was a knock...

There it is.  
What is it?  
It's my book.  It's not bound, but it's all the pages for me to review.
Wow.  It's pretty cool.
It's so hard not to show you some, but I can't.
I'm getting really excited.

I love this bee so much, I had to show him again.
If you have any great fairy share!


Terra said...

The fairy party preparations look so festive, and that cottage very airy and light filled. New book proofs arrived too. Now that is an exciting day.

Becky C said...

The garden house is going to be fabulous! Love the salvaged items. Hope the party is a hit-looks like fun decorations :)
And congrats on the book

The Blue Farmhouse said...

I don't know which one to be more excited about the book, the new studio and of course that "pretty lil fairy"...well I'm excited for you and just know it's all going to be beautiful.:)

elisa said...

all of it SO exciting! i like a birthday idea from an old m stewart mag: bake breadsticks with the ends curled up the ferns, faerie wands! they're great. xx

Vintage Home said...

Oh such a sweet party you are having!
And your new spot is I am sure your book will be!

Hope Filled Living said...

Oh my goodness! I'm just in awe of your farm and studio. I haven't been visiting friends very often for the past several months, but every time I come to see your blog I am so inspired. This is how I want to live. So excited for you about your book. Will you post when it is available?
Fairy party and accessories are amazing. Love the big flower.

Karen Bates said...

So much excitement around your fun! Your hubby is doing a fantastic job. I love the fairy dress...she is a doll. And congrats on the book.

Carola said...

What amazing moments!
The new studio is looking great and I cant wait to see something of your new book.


Lois said...

Can't wait for the book. And that bee is adorable - I love bees. Tin foil makes great crowns and wands and things. Tie some ribbon and add some sparkle and you have happy kiddos!

AnnaVallance said...

The studio looks great and I can't wait to get a copy of your book.
As for the fairy stuff, don't forget about the magical moss growing in your yard.

pollydove said...

Wow, how fun for you! The studio looks like it will be amazing. (Happy Halloween!)

letters from the country said...

The garden house is fabulous. Can't wait to see more pics!

Pinecone Camp said...

It's looking fantastic! I can't wait to see the end result. I've seen it look so many ways ;)
As for the party, I have no doubt it will be amazing. I'll see you next!