Inside and Out...

Fall has been anything but relaxing.  
I thought I would show you the new 'studio' being built to replace the old greenhouse.
My handy husband is using mostly salvaged finds...

I love the cedar posts.  There will be a deck there...eventually.

All the windows are from the greenhouse.  Plus an extra sky light.

We have cedar siding going on...slowly.
It's been so wet and rainy here.

The girls are impressed...but I think they believe this new shack is for them.
and, meanwhile, on the inside...

We have a fairy birthday party coming up.

I may have gone overboard, but as I have a ton of jam to make this week for orders, 
I've started to decorate already.  
This is a big bee!

But not as big as these huge tissue paper flowers I made!

I've got to glue tiny wings on these ladies...

And attached these to some twinkle lights.
Then the doorbell rang - well, we don't have a doorbell, but there was a knock...

There it is.  
What is it?  
It's my book.  It's not bound, but it's all the pages for me to review.
Wow.  It's pretty cool.
It's so hard not to show you some, but I can't.
I'm getting really excited.

I love this bee so much, I had to show him again.
If you have any great fairy share!