A Goodbye Story...

A year and a half ago, I brought home five chickens.
They were 72 hours old.

Lola was by far, the most beautiful.

She was social, and loving.
People say chickens are useless, that they have no sense...
Lola came when called, liked to be pet, and loved hanging out.
She was our favourite.

She liked to sneak inside.
When she was young, and when she was full grown.
It's only fair...the dog was always eating her food!

She managed to get in two magazines.
This shot by my friend Kim Christie for one of Fifi's magazines.

And this one shot by my other friend, Janis Nicolay for BC Home.
Only Lola would hop up to sample the fancy pineapple cocktail we were shooting.
Such a girl.

The last egg Lola laid, was over a year ago.
We figured she came to us to make us smile, so that was enough.
She could live her life and be happy here.
But life had other plans.
A very large tumour had been growing for the last year.

And, on Saturday, it became to much for her.
So I held her while she fell asleep and I said goodbye.