On The Farm Today...

Today was lovely.
The sun came out, and we went Christmas crazy with decorations outside.
Yes, I even decorated the chicken coop.

I also bought them stockings that I am calling
Christmas bock bockings.

Tell me they don't look happy about the decorations!
Or maybe it was that sun that was shining..

It was beautiful today, and I found these tiny little frosty mushrooms.

I also found the last of the kale...

...and some forgotten tomatillos.
they look like pumpkins made of lace.

I am leaving tomorrow to Toronto for a few days, so I made my girl some snacks.
Thought I would share a quick and easy recipe that isn't made of delicious chocolate this season.
Peel and slice up as many apple as you like. 
I did 8 organic gala apples.

Pour over a 1/4 cup of real maple syrup.
You can leave them plain, but 1/4 cup is not much to fret about and adds a nice flavour.
Sprinkle (or cover) with cinnamon.
We love cinnamon, so we go heavy, but it's up to you.

If you have a dehydrator, pop them in for about 5- 6 hours.
You can also bake them in an oven at 175 F for about 5-6 hours.
They are an awesome snack that curbs the sweet tooth.
I also brought in that kale and made kale chips.
Those are all gone already.

I've been slightly obsessed about what to wear to this party in Toronto.
Anthropology came to my rescue, along with some Fly London Shoes.
All this fuss seems to have worn off on my wee girl.
(these are NOT the shoes I'm wearing)