A Little Dirty, A little Weird..

First, the dirty bit...
Missing Goat organic jam is now down town Vancouver at the Dirty Apron.
This store makes me ache to live in one of the brick lofts above them, have my gourmet lunch delivered daily, and take a cooking class in the evening with friends and great wine.
visit them here:  Dirty Apron 

Now...things I eat that are weird...Just because I felt like sharing

Popcorn...not weird at all...

..but I don't add butter or salt.  I dip in in French's mustard.
Let me tell you, zero calories and a whole lotta flavour!
Try this!  You can eat a giant bowl and not be upset with yourself.

Chia Pudding.
Yes, I eat chia pet pudding.
I love chia pet pudding.

I blame Gramma Janis for this.  
She sent me a recipe and that started my now daily must have bowl of ...well, seed pudding.
I had a huge bag of it that got on one of those random runs to Costco with my sister to see what all the Costco fuss is about.  This is all I came home with.
Chia is so good for you - Google it and see.
It's totally weird to eat - like tapioca..but stranger.
But, I tell you this...

...when you add maple syrup and a bit of vanilla then you have a treat that is still super good for you!
I use coconut water but you can use almond milk or real milk - 3/4 cup
1/4 cup chia seed - pour them in the liquid
let it soak for 30 minutes - whisking every 5 minutes or so.  It will thicken up.
add 1/8 cup pure maple syrup - or more if you like
1 tsp pure vanilla, blend and eat.

you can add fresh fruits, use any juice you like instead of milk, add cinnamon, agave or honey.
It's January..I'm still trying to be healthy.

I also made real vanilla pudding for my girl who was not well this week.  
Not weird at all, but I thought I should end on a good note.