On The Farm Today...

My chickens have finished their annual moult. 
Poor girls were positively naked.
But the feathers are back, which means...

...so are the eggs.

There was lots of jam on the farm today, but it all left.
Gourmet Warehouse, Lepp Market, Organic Acres on Main Street, Pane e Formaggio on 10th, and Antony & Sons here in South Surrey.


The Blue Farmhouse said...

Hi Heather,
How's the "new" chicken coop coming along? Looks like you've been very busy with jam and of course your blog is always a delight to my senses!


julieann said...

Must be hard to see all your hard work go out the door but also so wonderful to share your gift with the world...
Your girls are looking good. Mine to are loosing some feathers but it is so cold here and they need them. Im only getting 2 eggs a day now. Cleaned the coop yesterday as it was 45 warm degrees here.
Im already ready for Spring!!
Happy New Year.

Jennifer said...

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AnnaVallance said...

Pane e Formaggio on 10th is my favourite. But right now I'm 500 miles away so I will have to rely on my UBC daughter to pick up some jam for me. We just finished the last jar of your raspberry jam and will be patient and eat dry toast until we can get some more. Thank you!