Wrapping ...or Actually Rolling it Up..

Yesterday, I had a wrap with spouts.
The Sprouts I grew.
What did I learn...that I didn't get a big enough sprout grower.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4
This is the day I ate the alfalfa on the left.
So good, so fresh and worth the few seconds a day of rinsing.

The peas are taking their own sweet time, but I've been snacking on handfuls and they are really good.
But I've always liked these kind of foods.

 As for the yoghurt...

I got so full of myself thinking how easy this was, that I completely botched a huge batch on the weekend.
I had a lot of warm milk after 11 hours.
I didn't pay attention to my temperatures and I killed the bacteria.
I was over-multitasking.

But I tried again and again with different milks and starters.
I paid close attention and had success.
Heat 1 litre of milk to 180 f  
Let cool to 75 f 
(Let it cool by itself as using ice water cools the milk too fast and your yoghurt is not as smooth - I learnt this the hard way)
Mix your starter (pre-measured with instructions on the package) or add a few tablespoons of store bought yoghurt into a small bowl with about 1/4 cup of the cooled milk.
Mix well, pour into the large pot of milk and stir well.
Pour into clean jars and add the lids - I use my canning jars.
I let mine sit for 11 hours in the 110 degree dehydrator.
I did this at night, so it was ready in the morning, or you could do the reverse.

I found a starter in the health food store, so used that.  It has all the good bacteria needed
 as well as probiotics.  Now that I have the yoghurt made, I can just keep using it as the starter.
I also tried using store bought yoghurt as the starter.  If you do this, buy a brand that has live cultures - it will say on the side.

The  health food starter has way more tang.  Which seems to be a good thing as it means there is more cultures present.
The store bought yoghurt version is almost like thick cream.  Very little tang - but good for the kids!?
I also used 2% and whole milk.
The 2% has a lot of whey floating on the top and the whole milk had none.

This was fun.  It's like making butter.  Interesting, but not always necessary.
I love teaching my wee girl about making foods.
She was so obsessed with the sprouts and how fast they grew.
Her extreme interest also made her eat them.
This little lady was glad to see me wrap up yoghurt week today.
She sat there patiently on my counter while did the final testing.
Then I took her, the dog and the chickens out for a walk.