DIY - Yoghurt & Sprouts...

Day 3 of 2013 and I'm attempting two things I've always wanted to try...

...growing my own sprouts and making home-made yoghurt.
If I post about sandals and socks next week, come to the farm and slap me.

I have broccoli sprouts and alfalfa seeds.
They needed to soak for 6 hours.

Don't you hate when you set out to do something only to find there is a 6 hour delay.
It's like I'm in the Denver airport.

Pea shoots.  

Another soaker.

Yoghurt seemed easy enough.
Surely I could get this made today.
Heat milk to 185 then cool to 160...

Add 5 grams of yoghurt starter (found at the health food store)

Pour into jars

Place in your dehydrator to keep warm at 115 degrees.
Add lids
then...oh damn.
Leave for 3 - 11 hours.
I checked at 3 hours...I had luke-warm milk.
So I'll see you all tomorrow morning with some results.