This past week has been full of things I love.
I love collecting these momiji dolls for my girl.
I love that we finally bought a new pasta maker.
I've been stealing my sisters for years.
I will miss the old one though.  It took three of us to make it work.
It was broken and wouldn't mount to the counter top.
Good memories.
I loved watching all the kindergarten kids on valentines day.

I love that my husband uses this hot pink kitty stereo to play music while he works.

I love that we have all the new vegetable beds finished.

Love that her favourite thing is still a stick and a rope.
And, I love that I found this new market on the North Shore of Vancouver.
They now carry our Missing Goat jam line too.
Loving that a lot.



Robin Larkspur said...

So much to love! I am loving it!!

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Lovely pictures and lots of lovely things, hope your weekend is full of them. Pam :-)

Elma said...

So does the pasta taste better than from the store? Is it hard to make?? So do you have to make new gardens beds every so often? Love all your pictures!!

Heather Cameron said...

Oh it really does taste amazing! It's so easy and cheap to buy, but tastes like cardboard when you compare it to the real homemade version. We had to make new raised beds as the others were about 10 years old and began to rot and fall apart

Tammy Chrzan said...

Your home looks like it's full of fun and love... and that last photo is hilarious! Love it!!

The Blue Farmhouse said...

And I love this post...Your lil' girl looks pretty comfortable with that pasta maker too!