All Paths Lead... the garden today.  
The sun was out and so were we.

Found the blueberries were starting to burst open.
Also found that
every time I looked down today...

...there was a chicken.
Every time I turned around today...

...there was a chicken.
I'm not kidding.

We all felt this way.

But, the sun was out and it's March.
In this house, that means it's time to plant the vegetable garden.

So we sorted the seeds, then planted them.
Even the magic beans found in the bottom of the basket.
'Course, I know they're runner beans.
But what's life without a few magic beans.
Short and adventure-less, that's what.

After the garden was planted, it was in to help out with the new Art Studio.
Next weekend, we can start to paint the inside.

Found that the rhubarb and chives are up.
Then found, that somehow, when we weren't looking, the chickens had time ... lay more eggs.
Honestly, they are laying three to four eggs every day.
If a recipe doesn't call for at least three eggs, I don't make it!


SmithShack71 said...

So glad Spring is almost here.
And yes - Gotta have some magic beans!


Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

What lovely pictures, looks like the perfect spring day in the garden. Our garden is still covered in snow and ice but a lot of planning is going on inside, can't wait :-), Pam

donna baker said...

Heather, I had no idea the weather there was so mild this early. I'm trying carrots in a pot today. They supposedly only grow 4 inches long. By the way, I found out that citrus likes to be planted in terracotta pots. I used plastic since they were lighter, so I'm in the greenhouse re-potting too. Can't wait to get outside to plant.

Heather Cameron said...

It has been very mild this year. But last year I planted my garden in march too. I cover it up with row cover to keep it warm too. We get lemon trees up here in May, so I will follow all of your advice! Keep me posted on any other lemon lessons please.

Robin Larkspur said...

Oh the blueberries are budding out, and you are planting! Envious here!!! Those chickens!! do you feel hen-pecked?!!

Vintage Home said...

WE are so blessed aren't we here...Love the Sunshine!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Love the picture of your little girl walking with the chickens. When I was that size- I would put my chickens on the back of my tricycle and ride them up and down the clay road!

Maria at inredningsvis said...

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Lee said...

I'm so jealous. I wish it were warm here. Yesterday it was 57 but today it's cold again and rainy.
Can't wait to plant.