An Island Tour...

A little tour of things I saw on the island these past two days.
This is my view of Victoria on Vancouver Island.
I love this place.
Great shops the most excellent little Chinatown and of course, Rebar restaurant.

I loved my four pillows on my king bed.

 I loved the sea planes flying by.
After an hour, not so much.

I stopped in Cowichan Bay.
I had done a shoot here years ago for a magazine, and had to come for more cheese and bread.

It's a sea side small town on the water.

Worth the trip and the detour.

I mean...

...come on, how sweet is this place.
Next stop, my friends new farm.

Where she can now keep her horse close to her.

and give him fancy braids.

She brought me the edge of a cliff up top a mountain where you can see forever.

..but then she brought me here, where you can get ice cream, slushies, a hot dog, 30 foot tall statues for your garden and home of the worlds smallest merry go round.
Seriously, 30 foot tall statues, teeny tiny merry go round.

My speach went very well by the way.
A million thank you's for the kind words.