Cluck Cluck Fish...

Where did September go??
Looking back at my photos from this month, the answer is three farms and the ocean.
I was able to wander the old Brother's 12 Farm on Decourcy Island for the first time ever.

Had the most amazing dinner at Vitala Foods Farm in the Fraser Valley.
I am so in love with this place and what they do - have a visit:

Vancouver's very own bit of 'country in the city' - Southlands Country Fair.
Only in Southlands will you find ponies with glittered bottoms.

And this week this week was spent in Victoria for Canadian Living.  We shot stories on crabs, 
Christmas and fun places to shop.
On our 3 hour tour, we caught 16 crab, saw Humpback whales & sea lions, caught a coho salmon and a sun burn at sea.
Not a bad month.