In My Garden...

Tried making gnocchi from scratch, and what I discovered is there is a big learning curve to making gnocchi.  But like bread, pie and canning, I'll keep trying till I get it right.

Leaving my gnocchi globs behind, first time in weeks, I got out in the yard.

Oliver waited patiently while I took photos.
Seems like months since I did this.

Two of my girls are molting, so there are feathers everywhere...

...except their bottoms.  

My fall crop of kale is looking fabulous.  Can't wait to make kale chips.

Days like this make me love my macro lens.
My garden close up is amazing.

Oliver was still waiting patiently while I played with my lens..

 same flower, different focus.
Love this kind of stuff.
But enough's enough..

let's go.