A Gift..

I started blogging in August of this year. My friend Janis encouraged me to do this. I had never blogged, didn't look at blogs, and really didn't know anything about them. But, as I my creative outlet has been snuffed by this economy, and magazines I work for keep closing, I needed an outlet. So, I blogged.
Then I started exploring other bloggers. Then I felt vastly ashamed of my blog and realized I needed to step it up - a lot. So I joined Picnik and Flikr. I kept exploring and became a full blown bloggaholic. It's frightening how much time you can spend here in this world.
I quickly realized what the attraction was. Why people blog.
It's simple really, blogging is the way that life should be. People are polite, kind, receptive, never have an unkind word about you or your work. There is no fierce competitiveness or backstabbing. No bosses or editors looking over your shoulder. No wanna be bloggers saying they could do it better than you. It's just a lovely world. It's Mayberry. In a bit, we're heading down to the fishing hole with a basket of Aunt B's fried chicken. Goober's fixing the giggly brake light on the car, Otis is drunk - yet responsibly sleeping it off in a cell. Barney is ticketing a jay walker and Floyd is giving bad hair cuts.
Why this long post about blogging..because today, I received a gift. It's my first. It was a picture of roses from a lady named Jean who lives in California. She enjoyed my blog and wanted to send me something. I don't know her blog address or anything about her - but she has a daughter named Lily too. This is the picture she sent me. Everyday someone from somewhere in the world says something kind.
Tara from Blondie 'N' SC did such a nice post about me that all I could do is blush and giggle!
So, I wanted to share something - a gift - for those who visit my blog. I didn't know what to give. What do I have..? Then I realized I could share a very sweet moment in my life, that I otherwise wouldn't post about.
Lily has joined dance class. So please enjoy and thanks for coming.