My Problems of Late..

Outside of my kitchen dilemma of last post, these are my latest issues. They are not earth shattering, or really of any importance or relevance. They are simply what I'm trying to deal with lately.

1. Our microwave broke. I've always been puzzled by those people who say, "We've never had a microwave, and never will". Well, good for you I say, in an admiring tone. But truth be told, I'm faking it. I don't know why they live like this, and certainly don't admire their lack of a speedy reheat. They are like people without tv's. Admirable?? I guess, after all tv is bunk. But I don't want to be one of these people. I have a busy life and a toddler. I haven't had a hot drink in two years. Can you live without yours?

2. It's that evil time of year when mini she-devils come at you from every corner. They attack. You are weak, unprepared for the assault. They guilt you with big eyes and glaring mother's lurking not far behind. And, of course, you are hungry, or worse.... Yes, you know what I'm saying - it's girl guide season. Sure, I could avoid shopping for groceries and alchohol, but my niece, whom I love, is a Brownie for the first time. So I have devoured two boxes in three days. I could vomit, but I don't. I try to order more. The worst part of this story is she is sold out. The even bigger worst part is that I had ordered a box for my friend, and now, I'm going to keep it and not share. She won't know. I'll say they were sold out. She doesn't even really like the mint melties. Is this wrong!