What I love in my home..

So I was asked to do something fun around the holidays in my home live on air. Sure I said, sounds fun! (Yes, if you read my blog from September 1st, you know I was thinking of my whole 'forgetting to swallow my spit and gagging on it" problem).
My second concern was that our kitchen is in mid renovation. Truth be told, it has been this way for about two years. It's just always pushed to the side and was never finished.
We were shooting a house yesterday for Style at Home. Peter, the designer, said "it's all about what you are doing and the fun you are having. Not how it looks". Fair enough. He's right.
So I went about the house looking for things that I love in my home, instead of things I need to fix or don't like.
This is a collection of them.
Above, My bedroom used in Country Living (still looks the same), a painting we brought back from Peru which I simply adore, and Buddha in my bathroom.

This painting is by my dad, who is an artist. I own two of his pieces and wish I could paint like him. Love love love them. The other, my 'his and her' sinks in our en-suite bathroom.

The old window we cut into the wall between the dining room and the living room. The little yellow and green chandelier. I went to Paris for two weeks to shoot a story for Country Living. I was 8 months pregnant. I found this chandelier at a flea market and dragged it home for the babies room. It has the best memories attached to it. The other shot is a corner of my office. It just makes me smile.
So I'll focus on these things that i love, and just get over what is not complete in my home. It's all very silly in the end.