A Can of Paint Saves the Day..

I strayed. I strayed from my norm, and boy, it was bad. I'm a white and cream girl, love the two together, love the two apart. I strayed. Brown. Yes, Brown. A very dark chocolate brown entered our world on Saturday. I went into complete meltdown mode. Cream and brown, I wanted to barf.

Last night, a very crisp shade of white entered our world. Simply White by Benjamin Moore. It's fresh, it's perky, and I am calm once again.

We're living out of my office. But, the good news, is we don't have to live out of the bathroom sink any longer. Ew. The old sink fits the new cut out till the new sink arrives...someday.

Midge, my assistant, has been camping out at Grandmas to avoid the various stinks. She had to try out the new spacious counter top. She approves!


kerrisdaledesign said...

Ah, how many times have I done this? Eyed a gorgeous magazine spread with rich dark walls, hunkered down to painting only to hate it! I'm a crisp white walls girl myself. BM Moore Simply White is a lovely choice too! Hope the reno's go as smooth as possible! - Karla

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I could never manage a chocolate brown, either....I don't blame you! I have to say the cutest pic you saved for the end...how sweet!

mise said...

A lesson I've learned too. I shan't have brown in my house, ever. Or purple. I'm all for white, for both brightness and ease, and that's such a lovely photo of Lily with her contemplative happy smile.

vintage simple said...

I am so moving towards all white. I do have chocolate brown on the walls in my living room - but had to add really high beadboard painted BM Super White to calm my need for serenity. So I hear you. :) Glad it;s all better now.


Anoninoz said...

Tried and tested always seems to turn out the best and makes us feel secure too!! :-)

Courtney said...

Heather, Lily is seriously the sweetest little girl I've ever seen. And I'm with you on the white. I need to be able to breathe, and white's the only color that truly allows for that!

Pinecone Camp said...

You suit white - don't mess with that! I can't definitely relate, as that one blasted wall, in my kitchen, changed colours three times in one week. I'm nuts too.
Can't wait to see Midge next week...and you of course!

jan said...

I can totally relate - we are living in my office too! And thank you for reminding me to stick with white.

Midge is adorable!