The Guest vs The Empty Cupboard

Ok, I couldn't open this story with a boring chunk of white cheese, so I opted for a pretty shot of my bleeding heart to welcome all of you back. 
This is the story of a very empty cupboard, an overworked tired Mom, a lovely guest, and a shockingly bare cupboard.
Enter boring block of cheese..

This is all I had.  A block of goat cheese. 
On any other day, I'd have cracked open a jar of Missing Goat chutney and called it a day.  But this was no ordinary gal coming over.  This was a dear friend, who, being so dear, has had my chutney over and over and over again.  Then over again. Always smiling, always saying delicious!  I just couldn't serve it again.
But wait!  Isn't the rhubarb up? 

Yes, it is.  But just barely.  I managed to harvest about 5 little stems.

...brought them in for a trim and shampoo.

...into the pot for a bubble.

...add a sprig or two of rosemary (also just peeking up in the garden) and sugar to taste.

And lookie lookie.  A tasty treat of rhubarb rosemary compote on goat cheese.