What I've Learnt Today...

What I learnt today:
- Mean girls will always be mean. 
- Ducks will follow you any where
if you take their kiddie pool with you.
- I think I'm a farmer.
- and I don't know what the hell is going
on in my vegetable garden this year.
Quinoa - honestly - does anyone know about this stuff?
I've got watermelon growing - never planted it.  I've got crazy gourds growing everywhere - never planted them either.  No carrots due to a massive dill takeover, and I've just stewed some rhubarb.
That's right folks, it's September, and the rhubarb is fine.

And now this!
We went out to pick some beans today.
I planted black beans this year to harvest, dry and cook with.
Seemed like a fun idea and more glamorous than a pole bean.

But I ended up with a giant basket of colour.
Pretty yes, but 'What?'

All of these from the same plant.

And, what I also learnt today,
was that inside all of these colourful pods, was a black bean.
I know nothing about gardening.

Something I have always known:
ice cream for dinner is most excellent - but especially so 
when the family goes to the in-laws and you stay home.
(because the ducks need me)


Ana Degenaar said...

I love this post! so beautiful and inspiring! and I agree with all of those things you've learned today and specially with the one you already knew... Ice cream IS excellent!

Becky C said...

You are too funny! I love when you post about your gardening; one day I want to be just like you and learn about all the above :) I only dream of running a farm with ducks, gardens, and I want hens so bad... I'll just keep reading about your farm life until then...
And maybe send my family to the in-laws for dinner, too (LOL)
Becky C
Buckets of Burlap

donna baker said...

Next year, would you like the most fabulous tasting green beans in the world? Plant pinto beans and use them for green beans. They are the meatiest, best tasting green beans I've ever had. You will have to string them before you freeze or can them, but they are worth it.

Southern Lady said...

Too funny! I have learned some things today as well. Mean girls will always be mean! My teenaged daughters can testify to that. Ice cream is a great way to counter act meanness! Carla

robyn said...

I have to tell you, I stumbled upon your DELIGHTFUL BLOG, through the Urban Farmgirl. After just one little post, you have me HOOKED! I'm going explorin' 'round here! Oh and I'm your newest follower! ;-)

Mrs. Sutton said...

What an absolutely BRILLIANT post!!! You have just made me laugh out loud - which is a lovely start to my morning (UK time)- thank you! I know absolutely nothing about gardening, but I can tell you that your photographs are gorgeous and if I could grow anything that ended up looking as perfect as your black beans, I'd be a VERY happy woman indeed. xxx

Flick, said...

You really made me laugh with this post! Firstly because I was imagining your ducks trailing along behind you, following their pool... secondly because I planted a veggie garden for my Mum, and some very strange and unknown(to me) things grew in there...

koralee said...

Your images are always so beautiful...life does give us surprises..yours are wonderful!!


mise said...

Have you considered black bean ice cream? So mellifluous, and Heston Blumenthal would love it.

Melissa said...

Those beans are quite pretty though! I had the same experience with carrots I planted - they turned out to be all various colors??

Catherine said...

Hmmm.... sounds like your garden is a very strange but very exciting place to be! :)

Hope you enjoy your rainbow coloured beans and have fun with your sweet ducks!

xo Catherine

pollydove said...

Sounds like my life ... except not on a farm.

At least your photos are consitently fab! :)

The Passionate Home said...

You are too funny! Love the post! C

Nezzy said...

Yep, I really think ya are a farmer in all the ways that count. Your produce looks fab girl!

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend heaped full of many blessings!

Terri said...

I never realized black beans were so beautiful! I can so relate to your gardening adventures. We planted our very first vegetable garden this year... and oh, the lessons you learn!

Lady Grey said...

ha ha! You're adorably hilarious!
And a very endearing gardener : )

Vintage Simple said...

The ducks DO need you. And I hope you're sipping some wine (along with the ice cream), and relaxing in that gorgeous tub of yours.

Gardening is a mystery to me, so to see that you have all this magic brought on by some sort of woodlands fairies to your garden makes it all the more mystical to me. And lovely.


hatjunkie said...

So nice to read how you know everything and nothing in the same post. Good for you with the ice cream for dinner. You deserve that.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful& inspiring pics! I wish my garden were large enough to encompass all the fun you are having! Your post made me LOL & is the perfect way to end a weekend before bracing for work in the a.m. :)
I'll definitely be back!!

Jackie said...

ice cream for dinner is most excellent - but especially so
when the family goes to the in-laws and you stay home.
(because the ducks need me)
>>> HAHAHA!!!

Caroline D. said...

i love this post heather. you're awesome.
p.s. what is with the ducks?