What I've Learnt Today...

What I learnt today:
- Mean girls will always be mean. 
- Ducks will follow you any where
if you take their kiddie pool with you.
- I think I'm a farmer.
- and I don't know what the hell is going
on in my vegetable garden this year.
Quinoa - honestly - does anyone know about this stuff?
I've got watermelon growing - never planted it.  I've got crazy gourds growing everywhere - never planted them either.  No carrots due to a massive dill takeover, and I've just stewed some rhubarb.
That's right folks, it's September, and the rhubarb is fine.

And now this!
We went out to pick some beans today.
I planted black beans this year to harvest, dry and cook with.
Seemed like a fun idea and more glamorous than a pole bean.

But I ended up with a giant basket of colour.
Pretty yes, but 'What?'

All of these from the same plant.

And, what I also learnt today,
was that inside all of these colourful pods, was a black bean.
I know nothing about gardening.

Something I have always known:
ice cream for dinner is most excellent - but especially so 
when the family goes to the in-laws and you stay home.
(because the ducks need me)