My Bathroom ...

I get sooooo many emails about my ensuite bathroom.  It's shown in the opening to my blog.  I thought I would show you the rest of the space and list the paint colours for those interested.
It was featured in Canadian House and Home ... four years ago now?  Shot by Kim Christie - my crazy ginger nut friend.
I designed it, my husband made it happen.  We knocked down walls, moved the plumbing, did some of the best cussing of our lives, and after 6 months, finally created my dream loo.

I wanted a tub to escape too.. seperate from the shower!

I wanted his and her sinks, and a water closet.  No need to explain either of these desires!

My husband wanted a large walk in shower where the curtain wouldn't touch him!  He has issues with that - fair enough, lord knows I have my own book of issues.

The floor is heated, which is just lovely.  We added a window on the east side of the room to give sunlight in the early day and more light to the room.  I love windows and natural light.  The curtains were made by my sweet mom, as is the terry cloth cover for the stool.  The stools is so essential - especially since I had Lily.   Everything came from Home Depot - I love them!  It's affordable, fun, and if you make the right choices and mix up the styles a bit, you can be completely original.

 The blue on the walls is called Bluebird by Sico –  The code for it is 6161-31.
The white I used is called Polar Bear by Behr – code is W-F-200 
The water closet and bathtub are painted Sico Anticosti Grey 6161-41

Trying to Find the Love..

I'm on a new - get healthy kick.  Who isn't ..right.  So, in my attempt to be healthier, I am trying to find the love in dark chocolate. 
I haven't found it yet. 
My heart has always belonged to milk chocolate.  It can do no wrong, and fills my heart with an immense gladness.

I hit the grocer yesteday and bought a chunk.  My husband said the best snack is raw almonds and dark chocolate.  It had been a week since having any milk chocolate, and I needed a fix.  
To put my need in perspective...check out the next image.


yes, it's really that big.

So, here is my healthy snacking alternative. 
I have to say, it is helping kill my craving for chocolate.  I can eat about three almonds and then I'm done.

Entirely From Scratch..

I'm starting a new way of cooking. Everything from scratch. Time permitting of course. I don't know what has come over me, but I'm obsessed with learning to make things that we would normally buy each week from the grocer. I have to say, the taste difference is spectacular.
It's like having a pineapple in Hawaii ..then having a pineapple here. Doesn't compare.
A croissant in Paris..a croissant here. Not a chance.
Last week, I made perogies (which I will revisit with you), this week, I made black bean burritos entirely from scratch.
First up, the beans. My friend over at Pinecone camp told me she never buys beans. She makes large batches from scratch, then freezes them. So, the day before I soaked them. The day off, I cooked them a pot, then I baked them in the oven. I know have four bags of yummy beans in my freezer for next time - and the salt content is next to none! Another reason to make your own foods.
The day off, I made flour tortillas. Pretty easy I have to say. They would be excellent with Indian food too! The leftovers can be used for pizza the next day - so I'm ahead of the game for tomorrows meal.

Beans, homemade salsa (tomato, cilantro, red onion, lime and avocado) and four tortillas. Put them all together and..

Sweet Mary - Bloody Delicious!
Yes, it took some time. Yes, I could buy beans, salsa and tortilla wraps at the store - and yes, they are relatively cheap. But, that is not the point. I own an organic farm. I grow my own veggies. I make jam from scratch the old fashioned way (slow cook- less sugar -more fruit). I make pies from scratch - the only way pie should be enjoyed. I can my own tomatoes and peaches. Seems like this would be the next step for me to take. The taste is amazing. Lily and I enjoy cooking together, and I love teaching her to take her time and enjoy the process.
This is not my daily routine - lets be realistic. But if I can do this once a week, I'll be pleased with myself. I didn't post recipes as I didn't want to push it on all of you. I can add them in if anyone wants them.
What do you make from scratch that is simply delicious?

if you are looking for recipes..and many of you are.. please

Cupcakes..The Short Story..

A fellow blogger made a comment on my last post. He.. (oh hey... perhaps that is where the ... problem ... or lack of understanding comes from - he who does not understand is a he)
He, this fellow blogger, does not understand what all the fuss is about cupcakes.
Fair enough. He gets excited over stone... this passes over me like a faint spring breeze. I acknowledge it, but it didn`t rock my world. Pun intended.
I went back through some posts as Lily wanted to see the pictures. I realized I have posted about cupcakes three times - now four - since starting to blog last August.

It goes without saying, that an ever so slightly warm cupcake, freshly made, and ultra moist, brings me utter joy.
Cupcakes are small, giving me the false sense of being dainty. They are self sustaining. In a pinch, neither plate nor napkin necessary. By using one less napkin, you are helping to save the planet.
One can feel better about oneself after eating a single cupcake. The alternative being the savage attack and devouring of half a cake. Women armed with a dessert fork and a spare five minutes are a force not to reckoned with.
When I asked three giddy girls if they wanted to make cupcakes or cookies this past weekend - they gleefully screamed CUPCAKES!
Maybe it is yet another side of women that men will never understand. Romance, ballroom dancing, cupcakes. Who can explain any of it.

Before I go, it must be said, it must be shared. The dark side of the cupcake. The sorrow and the pain that comes from dry cake or plastic icing.
Just as in life, looks can be deceiving. Dolled up cupcakes with dragets and swirls. You know the ones..icing three inches high. If they weren`t so sweet, I`d call them tarts!
Sadly, even though they are trashy, and taste like a shoe insert, you still eat them.
There is shame, but we move on.
Am I alone here..
Have you had the perfect cupcake..and if so, where!!!
Oh, and do they deliver to Canada.

Cupcakes and Sunsets...

Life has been busy lately. The last week was filled with stress and ..well..angst,
to borrow a word from Mise. But, there's always time for
the beach, cupcakes and love.

Dreaming of Pie...

It's up, and I'm dreaming of pie..
But I have to wait. It's not ready.
I'm waiting.
While I wait, I'll make granola.

On top of plain yogurt with honey drizzled on.
4 cups oats
1 cup almonds - slivered or sliced
1 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup chopped pecans - buy whole pecans and do a rough chop - it's better!
1/3 cup canola oil
1/2 cup honey.
Mix all ingredients together really well in a large bowl. Spread out on two cookie sheets lined with parchment paper. Bake for 14 minutes at 300. Remove from oven and let cool completely on the parchment paper.
Picking away at the edges is highly recommended while waiting.
Once cool, pick up the parchment edges, and let granola run into your container for storage. It crumbles and stays lumpy in spots. It's a lovely thing.
You can also add 1/4 cup of flax seed - I was out.

This Is Deep!!!

My friend Elizabeth asked me a question the other day. She asked what I thought the meaning of life was. She is compiling answers for a project or simple interest - I don't recall.
Bloody hell if I know - was my first thought.
My second thought - and this was my rushed answer - But, I thought it might be to see if we, the human race, are capable of improving. Can we become better in every way. Stop killing each other, stop killing the planet, stop killing simplicity.
I've thought about this a lot.
So, to all of you who dare to share. Please, tell me, what do you think the meaning of life is?
I can't wait to read your notes..and Elizabeth..please enjoy some more perspectives!