Garlic Harvest..Part One...

Today we pulled up the first of the garlic beds.
I love this time of year.
The air is full of garlic, and there isn't a tacky cheap restaurant for miles!

This is when the greenhouse, becomes the blue house.
We hang a tarp inside to shade out the sun (the sun will turn it bitter)

This year, I had help.
We have two lovely ladies from Japan living here, helping with the farm this summer.
So, Miyuki pulled garlic all day.

She did not.

She pulled and pulled.
Five beds in total.

She even made a very cute 'miss take'
(stabbed a few with the pitch fork)
I'm almost positive she's never used a pitch fork before.

 Twine for hanging..

...old couch for relaxing...

...or standing on.

And so ends part one of the garlic harvest.
Jen from Muddy Boots is coming tomorrow for part two.

In My Garden Today...







Do you see?
look underneath...

...we have a problem.

The wee girl is in bed, and I'm exhausted.

It's the end...

...of a very...

...lovely day.

Missing Goat Farm Opens! Sort of...

OK folks, Missing Goat farm is opening this weekend.  
We've been prepping and setting up...

..we've been cleaning and practicing our greeting of the customer... 

But...we don't have any blueberries yet.
They just aren't ripe yet!  But look, they are starting!
It's a crazy year.
By next week, we should be able to start picking.
So this weekend...

We've got Jam!!!
Lots and lots of jam!
Raspberry, Strawberry Black Pepper, Rhubarb with Rosemary and of course..
Blueberry Lavender!

Come see us if you can.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
10am till 4pm
17318  32nd Avenue
South Surrey, BC

The Calm before the Storm...

We had a three day family holiday in the Okanagan.
A friend was getting married at a resort in Summerland.

For those of you who don't know, the Okanagan is in the interior of British Columbia.  
Famous for their fruit orchards..  

..wineries.. tastings...

..spectacular mountains..

..and beautiful lakes.

Other good things..
There are lavender farms.

which were in perfect bloom.

Rustic old barns...

..and the countryside is covered in flowers.
I never liked babies breath till now.

All the fruit stands have water pumps so you can wash your fruit before eating.
When it's really hot, they have misty sprays running from the awnings to cool you down.
And it does get hot there!

The ever popular cherry earring where not a hit here today...

..but the next stand, and one of my favourites in Keremeos..

..had the fix we needed.
It was nice to have an escape before the farm opens.

Guilt, Love & Excess...

I survived 1200 pounds of strawberries. 
But, this came at a price...
and the price was paid today.

I had friends, family and neighbours all rally.
We chopped from 5am till 10pm, they baby sat my girl, they took her on sleep overs.
Strangers called and came to help.  Really.  No, I'm serious, they did.
And four days later, it's done.
But I feel like a horrid mother.
I had next to no time with her or for her.
So, today was excess strawberry day with all my love!
It started with crepes!

2 eggs
1 cup flour
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1 tsp vanilla

Put it all in the blender, wiz till bubbly.
Pop it in the fridge for an hour.
Pour some into the centre of a pan and swirl it around till thin.
When the edges pull up from the pan, flip it over.
Oh so lightly brown each side.

Vanilla yogurt and of course strawberries...

..give it a roll and a squirt (of syrup that is) and enjoy.

Enter the girl. 

Enter the smile.

Enter the food.
There is no shame in really loving crepes when you are three.

And for lunch..strawberry milkshakes in the four room cardboard house we built from the two giant freezers that were delivered to the farm today.
I'm in the good books again!
The crepe mix is good in the fridge till the next day too.
Which can be handy.