It's a Boy!

Meet Oliver, or Ollie as we now call him.
He is the new member of our family at Missing Goat Farm.

Santa brought him early.
Actually, Santa gets enough credit... Mrs Claus did.
He's ten weeks old.  
He's a labradoodle - heavy on the lab, less on the doodle.

Wee girl has a new best friend.  
He's much easier to cuddle than the chickens.
She'd love him even more if he would wear the  princess crown instead of eating it.

But she forgives him.

Part of the Charm...

When you get hit with an order for 800 jars of jam, the whole family chips in.
My wee girl is wicked with the label gun.
Of course it comes in the week I have to magazine shoots to do too.

I've got 400 jars of jam to go, but half the order is going out tomorrow.
We do everything by hand at Missing Goat - and yes, that includes putting two labels on each jar of jam.
I just finished putting on 800 labels.
So be kind when you buy our jam and please find the charm in a slightly crooked label.
In fact, grab the worst one you can find, and think of us.

Snow Day...

Well, snow day may be an exaggeration.  
We had a skiff of white fall in the yard.
Out came the snow pants, the snow boots, gloves, hat and, of course... 
...utter utter joy.
But, what happens when a four year old realizes she can't make a snowman from what is more like a heavy frost...

After what can only be described as 'toddler cuss',
 stops spewing from their lips,
you make cookies!

...with lots of sprinkles.

Serious sprinkles.

...and the snow (or lack of) is forgotten.

A Happy Escape...

My girl turned 4.  
We surprised her with a trip to the happiest place on earth...

..and she was the happiest girl on earth.

Garlic Planted...Check!

October is the time to plant garlic.
At least it is in our zone.

Home grown garlic is divine.
If you want to plant some, be sure and buy it from a nursery or an organic farmer.
Store bought garlic is treated with chemicals to prevent sprouting - icky in so many ways!

we are ready to plant..

...or fight off vampires.

My wee girl has been given her own bed (to keep her busy and happy)
I am planting in a weed free bed as garlic hates competition.
Dig a hole about three inches deep..

drop in one clove...

...pointed end up! 
I cover them with a thick layer of leaves from the lawn.
A blanket of sorts for the winter. 

and next year, after they grow...

you can harvest.
It's so worth the effort.