An Asian Tempest in My Garden..

In the pouring rain yesterday, we harvested the first of the seven beds of garlic. 

Asian Tempest is the variety.  Should be temptress - don't you agree!

We planted about 8 or so different kinds.  This is the first one that is ready.
We'll be selling it in the Shabby Shack here at Missing Goat farm.
Yikes, we are opening in two weeks.  Panic.

 Where did everyone go?
I need someone to hold this garlic bulb!!!
 Ok, everyone bailed on me.  Grr
It really is pouring rain out here. Fairweather family.

Truth be told, I brought the patio umbrella over and stuck in in the raised bed.
It's pretty dry under here, and somewhat cheerful.

Who's coming for garlic!  Mimi? Kim?

Signs of Summer..

I think summer is finally here.

The delphiniums are up and there is a rumour of ripe raspberries. 
Apparently spotted by someone while passing by on the tractor.  


Hello Hydrangeas.  Seems to be a blue week in the garden. 
In my mind, I was listing the treats I could make with the raspberries.  A pie, or some tarts..maybe a fresh batch of jam.

I made lemonade from scratch - adding things like pavlova with fresh raspberries to my list. 

The ladder is in place as the cherries are ripening.  Oh, I could make raspberry turnovers!

Just a handful this time (these are my wee girls hands).  Give it a few more days, and we will fill a bucket..or two.
It doesn't matter, there are raspberries!

Ok, you're just really pretty - but I must go, there are raspberries, did you hear?


Ah Nuts.  Rumours - I should know better. 
This was the only berry on the bush. 
And, I'm shooting with a macro.

A Little Makeover Project..

Ok, lets move on from my exposed breasts of last post, and on to something that actually is pretty to look at.
I did a make-over on a very tired old iron bench and wicker table for

of course she thinks she can arrange these better than I..

...and those were suppose to be my toes kicking back.
I must have been dreaming again.

OH (bleep) This isn't a Dream!

I use to do flowers for weddings.  Did it for six years, then quit to work for magazines.  I still have nightmares that it's Saturday morning and I'm sleeping.  The phone rings and it's a bride wondering where her flowers are.  It's a frigin horror only made worse by the caller being an Italian bride. This means there are at least 50 boutonnieres alone to make. 
Well, it happened.  My worst nightmare came true yesterday (minus the wedding).  I was at the park with my girl.  We just got there and my phone rang.  It was the "Hi, Where the .... are you call!?"


I was supposed to be on set for a shoot in Vancouver at 11:30.  It was 12.  I ripped my girl from the park.  Threw her at Grandma, changed most of my grubby clothes, added mascara and dashed.  I got to the shoot with a fully loaded car of props by 2:36.  Not bloody bad if I do say so myself!

What do these cute images have to do with any of this?  Well, the homeowner collects these and I loved them.  The photographer, Tracey Ayton, took these to simply make us smile.  It was a tough day, but she was lovely to work with and forgave me.  Thanks Tracey.  Pop over to her site, it's very enjoyable.

I should mention, because I'm sure it helps others to know such tales of stupidity, and it just adds to the nightmare of a day I had.  While I was shopping like a frantic fool - grabbing leeches, mini cedars and fragrant pears, my top was wide open.  The buttons were not done up in my rush to look 'presentable'.  I flashed a very busy store for about 30 minutes.  It was at the checkout counter that I caught a glance of myself.  To top it off, I was wearing the oldest ugliest bra I own - so it was clearly not an attempt at sexy.  What could I do but laugh and say in the most nonchalant way "oh, I've come undone"

In the Garden...

The garden is coming along. 
I grew brocolini this year for the first time.  Boy, it comes up fast.

The garlic scapes are in too.  I think I've harvested 783..or 785 - I lost count.

Garlic scapes aren't just tasty, they're beautiful.  I could spend the day photographing them.

Ok, maybe I did spend the day shooting them.

Radish - the first up in my garden, and the first out of the garden to the table.

...enter the hunter.

The nice part about sharing with friends.  Gift bag anyone!?

The Story of a Chair..

Head over to today - I've done the cutest chair makover project. 

Goodbye stains, hello stain proof!

Bring it on toddlers of the world! 

A Bug In Love..

The lavender is starting. 

We harvest all summer for Missing Goat jam and jellies.

I'll be slipping this under her pillow tonight. 

Must have been a bug in love.  Intoxicated by the smell of lavender perhaps...

Girlfriends, Nieces and the Nephew who Hid..

My husband went out of town this weekend, so I called the girls.  Turns out the niece and nephew were coming for a sleep over too.  The nephew laid low - far to many girls for his liking.
Lily and I did some pretty, yet functional decorating.   A lighted path that leads to the fire pit.  Nothing says funs over like a face plant in the dark. 

We have a lot of cedar bits from the fence.

Yes, it's as good as it looks.
  My neice thought so too.

We did potluck, but as Lily is getting her last set of molars, she's a bit feral.  That being said, no way in hell I was going to get her to the store to buy something to drink for everyone.

So, thought I'd give homemade ice tea a go.  Add three to five tea bags to boiled water.. I found five bags made it too strong for me.  Steep five minutes.  Cool down, then place in fridge to get really cold.

Add sugar when the liquid is hot, then it disolves. 
You can have sugar syrup on hand to sweeten it more if your guests like.  I did.

...some lemon and mint..

Look, it's a refreshing beverage.

it was a good night.