Raindrops Keep Fallin on my Veg..

so I just did me some talkin to the sun..

and I said that I didn't like the way he got things done

sleepin on the job

those raindrops keep falling on my head

they keep falling

but there's one thing I know, those blues he sends to..
do you see that?

how can that be?
And I'm pretty sure he's wearing a coat.

Karma Bit Me Right in The...

As.. you may have read, we went to our cabin last weekend in the Gulf Islands.

We went with family, and the guys took the kids fishing for the first time.
He used branches and string.
It was cute.

My sister in law and I also gave it a try..and we caught a fish!
A pretty big fish.
We were what can only be called 'stupid and girly' when this happened.
But it was exciting and it's the first fish I'd ever caught.

I tried to grab the fish with my hands, and got 'hooked' myself.
By that I mean, the fish hook went right through my thumb nail.

Did I mention that for 20 years, I was a vegetarian?  
No, well now you know.
Did I mention that the fish hook had actually broke off, and was in my thumb..for a whole week.
Unbeknownst to me.
Till yesterday morning at 5am when I went to the emergency.

The doctor mocked me - calling it a big boo boo.  
He apologized when the x-ray came in and he found himself cutting open my thumb to remove the hook.
Yesterday sucked for me.
Karma had bitten me right in the thumb.  
And man it hurt.

Eye Spy..

We have a shocking abundance of lilacs right now.

I can bury my girl in them.
It's really a fine problem to have.

And while my girl was busy birdwatching with her paper towel binoculars..

I spied - perhaps - a wee problem with my strawberry bed.
Will it last the summer, or explode?
Stay tuned.

Course, as soon as she wasn't watching, the sparrow came back.
I see you!
What else do I see...

Friday night - VIP night
Saturday May 25th, Open to the public 10am - 4pm.
I'm VIP-ing in Friday night.  See any of you there?
The Parallel MarketPlace
1920 North Parallel Road

Pretty Night...

Hope you had a lovely long weekend.
We got away to the cabin for four days.

Four days didn't seem long, till we got home.
The garden seems to have exploded.
The blueberry bushes are dreamy white.

The flowers are bursting.

Everything seems to twice it's size.

Even the horses seem bigger.
And more open to having a chat.

This gal came racing over to be in the photo shoot.

If my hair blew in the wind like that, and I had these eyes, I'd run to the camera too.
It was a very pretty night.

My Big News...

Ok, the big news, the dream I mentioned weeks ago..
Last week, I signed a book deal with a publisher from the UK.

Cooking with my girl on our wee organic farm.
Because apparently we know how to cook!?
So, while we figure this out.. 

..and we get fatter each day eating all the food..

...and my hands prune from all the dish washing..
I hope you will be my rock.  
My rocks.
I'm also photographing it.
It's set to launch in Spring 2013.

A Quest...


My girl and I like to head out with our cameras on a quest for treasure.
Or something fun to photograph.
While looking for a ladybug, we didn't realize the ladybug found us.

We also found this baby robin.
Just learning to fly, he'd hopped into our backyard.
We watched for hours, then finally his momma came and took him home.
Speaking of momma's..

..on this lovely sunny mother's day weekend, 
I hope you all get to enjoy some sun on your face..

..and relax..

Have You Heard. Do you Hare?

The vegetable garden is really growing now.

Potatoes are popping up..

..kale is...well, looking like kale!

And though not every bunny cares about this next bit of news..
Because pedicure season is apparently upon us..

It may interest you to know, that the very first of the Missing Goat
Rhubarb Rosemary Jam is ready!

There are only two cases available this week, and they are both headed to 
Butter Baked Goods on Dunbar in Vancouver.  They will be there at noon on 
Saturday the 12th - and so will I - filling my face with all things Butter.

Ready for My Close Up...

Mother's Day came early this morning.
I was given a macro lens for my camera.

I've taken over 700 images.
It's 7:30pm.

This is spectacular.
It's a wee mushroom the size of...
well, the top is probably the size of...

One of these.
Bloody brilliant.

This is a teeny tiny baby ladybird.
No bigger than...I don't know, I can't think of anything 
this small - but it's really 
really small.

I end with my tribute to the honeybee and dandelion.

If you kill all the dandelions in your yard..

..look at the absolute drunken joy you take away from bees.

.99 Cent Smile...

I'm having one of those days.
You know the ones.
Overwhelmed by lists, thoughts, life, chores and meal planning.

Instead of getting any of them done...I wander the yard in my housecoat taking pictures.
Seems it's rubbing off on someone.

I hauled my pitiful self to the grocery store where I found large bags of kiwis for .99 cents!
And, they're organic!
Yes, they are soft and that is why they are .99 cents...

..but Popsicles love soft kiwi!
I bought four bags.
Now we also have kiwi cubes for smoothies.